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Risk Management

To promote the safety and welfare of all our members, especially youth players, CSC requires that persons involved in soccer review and adhere to the guidelines and policies listed below.


Head injuries can occur in a variety of ways and it is important to recognise the signs and symptoms of a concussion. To minimize the risk to children, heading the ball is no longer permitted for players 10 years old or younger and players aged 11 to 13 should severely limit the number of headers during practice. Please take time to read the official CDC & US Soccer Concussion Fact Sheets.


US Soccer Recognize to Recover – Concussion Safety

US Soccer Concussion Video

Concussion Facts for Parents

Concussion Facts for Players

Concussion Facts for Coaches

Online CDC Concussion Training



Taking part in outdoor activities in the southern part of the US can put players at risk of dehydration and other heat related illness. Players should avoid practicing and playing during the hottest part of the day and always take regular water breaks throughout any activity. Please review the Coach Safely webpage below.

US Soccer Recognize to Recover – Heat Safety

Coach Safely Heat Illness Information



Ensuring there is a safe environment to play on is very important. Damaged or unanchored goals should not be used and the surrounding area avoided. All fields that CSC teams play on are open to the public therefore it is the responsiblity of every coach, player and parent to stay alert to the possibility of moved and unanchored goals or foreign objects that may cause injury. Please review the CSC Goal & Field Safety policy and play your part in maintaining safe fields and equipment.

CSC Goal & Field Safety Policy



Lightning can strike from considerable distance away from where soccer activities are taking place so CSC strongly advises players and coaches to stop practice when thunder storms are in the surrounding area. Players, coaches and spectators should leave the field and seek shelter inside an enclosed building as soon as possible. Please review the US Youth Soccer Lightening Information webpage below.

US Youth Soccer Lightning Information



All individuals who may have contact with youth players must complete the Louisiana Soccer Association online risk mangement disclosure questionnaire every year. This includes but is not limited to, coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, club officials and any other volunteers. Persons must inform CSC of their intention to coach or volunteer who will then provide the necessary links to register and become approved.  



Coaches and volunteers should familiarize themselves with general First Aid and CPR procedures to be able to assist in the event of injuries and emergencies until professional medical help can be received. Please review the First Aid and American Red Cross CPR guides below.

US Soccer Recognize to Recover – Cardiac Safety

First Aid Guide

American Red Cross CPR & First Aid



All players registered with CSC for the current soccer year will have excess/secondary insurance extending to soccer events that are fully sanctioned by Louisiana Soccer Association. For more information on the policy and coverage please review the links below. For more information contact Louisiana Soccer Association at 225-766-0577. 

Louisiana Soccer Association Insurance Information

Adult Insurance Claim Form