U6 – Games & Activities

Body Part Dribble Activity (U6)

Understanding the Use of Various Body Parts to Control the Ball

Egg Hunt (U6)

Ball Control, Potential Passing, and Finishing

Pirate’s Treasure (U6)

Dribbling and Shielding the Ball

Paint the Field (U6)

Dribbling with Both Feet and Various Parts of the Foot

Red Light / Green Light (U6)

Keeping the Ball Close while Remaining Focused on the Field of Play

Sharks and Minnows (U6)

Changing Pace and Direction / Utilizing Various Dribbling Style while Remaining Focused on the Field of Play

Tornadoes and Volcanoes (U6)

Dribbling, Stopping, and Changing Direction

Ball Tag (U6)

Dribbling with Head Up, Keeping the Ball Close / Introduce Passing or Striking Techniques

Blob Tag (U6)

Dribbling, Changing Direction, and Speed / Teamwork, Decision Making, and Communication

Gates (U6)

Ball Control and Quality of Touches